Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In My Dreams.....

Gyan to Roma?

On the eve of Thomas Di Benedetto completing his purchase of Roma, Di Benedetto has came out claiming that he would like to purchase 5 new players over the summer. This is some thing that aging AS Roma squad badly need if they are going to continue to battle for the last Champions league spot, let alone the Scudetto.

One of those player could be could be Ghana and Sunderland’s Asamoah Gyan. Fresh off a fantastic game for Ghana were he grab a late tying goal versus England, his stock is high. Gyan moved from Rennes to Sunderland for around 13 million euros only last year. But the lure of the Eternal city and the prospect of challenging for the Scudetto and playing in the Champions League may just be too much for Gyan to resist

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

On the eve of snowpocolypse.....

As of now, no snow has fallen today, but that hasn't stopped the Detroit area from going crazy.

Traffic made people 45 minutes late to class, and those that did make it found that campus was relatively empty. It seems like most people are following the logic of "HOLY SHIT! Its going to snow and snow a lot tonight. Time to go stock up of food, gas, and clothes because there is no way I'm leaving the house tomorrow." It makes me wonder why they homes are so devoid of food and why people can't go a day without leaving the house, but anyway.

In Midtown Detroit, we handle things a bit differently. After waking from the Man U-Villa nap, my girlfriend and I decided to walk down to the grocery store (for those of you who aren't Detroiters, grocery store is the code word for liquor store) for some winter provisions.

At the liquor store, we found a wide variety of people. There was what looked like the offensive linemen of the Wayne State football team, an Indian couple, black folk, white folk, and about 3 people that I knew. Everyone seemed to be stocking up on their various alcoholic needs. They were just getting ready to enjoy their day off and were not throwing themselves into a panic of the weather.

The general good feeling of everyone in the store, coming together to just have fun during this snowpocalypse just really reminded me why I love Midtown and why I love Detroit.